Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 1 includes birthday celebrations

IT IS TIME - TO DO IT PROPERLY - COMPLETE the 12 week challenge.... to transform my body, loosing bodyfat and gaining muscle to transform my tall frame into a fit, toned athlete.

Will be blogging on here my food, training and feelings/re actions/challenges I face throughout the next 12 weeks. I have started it this week as no point starting next week... just keep putting it off you will never get anywhere.

The greatest hurdle is that Easter is next weekend. But for me... a good challenge. I am away so can eat healthy and train too.

Shift 10kgs/22lbs
Reduce bodyfat by 9% (current 26% on scale)
Transform the way I think about training, food and what I CAN ACHIEVE.
Sunday 13 June is the day to put up final pictures/blog posts.

Transformation Page on yeah!!

Macro’s 40/30/30 - 2000 calories a day
Protein 800 calories/200g
Carbs 600 calories/150g
Fat 600 calories/66g

Main sources:Protein: egg whites, tuna, protein shakes, chicken, kangaroo, protein muffins, salmon, greek yoghurt
Carbs: brown rice, oats, sweet potato, rye wraps, rice/corn pasta, rice cakes
Fats: almonds, avocado, flaxseed oil, peanut butter (natural), occasional egg yolk in omelette/muffins, LSA
Other - bok choy, broccoli, green beans, capsicum, spanish onion, mushrooms, berries/banana with protein muffins (homemade), coffee, green tea

TrainingMonday - Day off
Tuesday - Personal training session W/Paul (olympic lifts/training)
Wednesday - chest/triceps & cardio (jam class)
Thursday - High intensity training/abs/core & cardio (jam or step)
Friday - Back/Legs & swim
Saturday - Shoulders/arms/abs & cardio (jam)
Sunday - Jam class or Rest

Other Weekly Commitments
Monday - Bootcamp Class AM, Fernwood PT PM
Tuesday - Fernwood every second Tuesday PM
Wednesday - Bootcamp Class AM
Thursday - Fernwood PT PM
Friday - swimming for triathlons
Saturday -
Sunday - STUDY

Sport Events18 Apr - BRW Triathlon
9 May - 8km Mother's day classic run
6 June - 8km MS run

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