Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Triathlon complete...

The BRW triathlon was on the weekend and it was a great day, the weather was gorgeous and turn out fantastic, the course is always good fun and makes the 400m swim, 10km cycle and 4km run fun! 

So back into the good eating and training - had a session with PT today - which was NO legs.. yeah.... the calves/achilles still feeling the effects of the run.   Today we did 100m sprints on rower, cleans with kettlebell (15kg) and then upstairs for some cable chest press/push up combo and seated single arm row w/twist and lat pulldowns before finishing off with some kettle bell work... felt strong and recovered... yeah.

pre workout  protein shake with oats
m1: eggs on wholemeal toast, strawberries
m2: almonds, banana
m3: chicken, avocado
m4: protein shake
m5: tofu stir fry

Have bodyjam rehearsals tonight! bring on FILEX

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another weeek begins..

After a great long weekend,spending two days in Canberra, I am glad to be back on Sydney and ready to train my ASS OFF literally.Walked for two days of the three, about 35kms covered me thinks... I met friends yesterday at Centennial Park for a ride/run.... practising ready for the BRW Triathlon on 18 April.... two weeks away.  Three laps of the 4km circuit ride, and then the run became a very brisk walk.. felt good.

Trained with my trainer this morning and boy did I feel those glasses of wine I had last night... I normally don't drink the night before I train,  I just felt like A glass with my roast kangaroo and it went down too well..... hic.

So I measured and weighed myself - besides taking the pictures - great way to reflect on all the hard work I will be doing in the next couple months. 

Current stats
Weight: 81.2kgs  
BF% 29.2 (this is my home scale)
Bust 94cm
Waist 79
Hips 96
Leg 55
Bicep 31

My goal stats (rough with measurements, not sure of actual cm loss.)
Weight: 71kgs
BF% 20% or below... 19.7%
Bust 84cm
Waist 69
Hips 87
Leg 50
Bicep 27

I am excited !  I am intrigued why the fear of SUCCEEDING makes us stop in our tracks, and sabotages us?  Will friends/family or society think less of us if we are SUCCESSFUL in our fitness goals?   Why is the fear of the unknow such a controlling area? I would like to think that any athlete when they started had that fear, but the drive, motivation to train hard and winning a gold medal or competing in front of thousands stop them?  Well it won't stop me either.. my gold medal will be the smile on my face when I look FABULOUS and have reached my goal.

My training today was great - Paul started the session with rowing, for 12 seconds, then clean and press with 12kg kettlebells followed by push ups on the kettlebells - did this 4 times... what a way to get the body warm and heart rate elevated... we then went onto front bar squats, behind squats and sumo squats with 20kg bar and then he added weight... 4 times through... 10 reps...   then onto full body pull ups with the band... with squats in between, 4 sets...then to finish some kettlebell two arm swings, followed by one arm swings and then some swing/rows... I was literally was feeling sick (gorgeous protein/oat muffins I made last night, and wrapped in glad wrap had ants all through it by this morning.. gross).  So banana and gatorade only fuel and not enough.