Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another weeek begins..

After a great long weekend,spending two days in Canberra, I am glad to be back on Sydney and ready to train my ASS OFF literally.Walked for two days of the three, about 35kms covered me thinks... I met friends yesterday at Centennial Park for a ride/run.... practising ready for the BRW Triathlon on 18 April.... two weeks away.  Three laps of the 4km circuit ride, and then the run became a very brisk walk.. felt good.

Trained with my trainer this morning and boy did I feel those glasses of wine I had last night... I normally don't drink the night before I train,  I just felt like A glass with my roast kangaroo and it went down too well..... hic.

So I measured and weighed myself - besides taking the pictures - great way to reflect on all the hard work I will be doing in the next couple months. 

Current stats
Weight: 81.2kgs  
BF% 29.2 (this is my home scale)
Bust 94cm
Waist 79
Hips 96
Leg 55
Bicep 31

My goal stats (rough with measurements, not sure of actual cm loss.)
Weight: 71kgs
BF% 20% or below... 19.7%
Bust 84cm
Waist 69
Hips 87
Leg 50
Bicep 27

I am excited !  I am intrigued why the fear of SUCCEEDING makes us stop in our tracks, and sabotages us?  Will friends/family or society think less of us if we are SUCCESSFUL in our fitness goals?   Why is the fear of the unknow such a controlling area? I would like to think that any athlete when they started had that fear, but the drive, motivation to train hard and winning a gold medal or competing in front of thousands stop them?  Well it won't stop me either.. my gold medal will be the smile on my face when I look FABULOUS and have reached my goal.

My training today was great - Paul started the session with rowing, for 12 seconds, then clean and press with 12kg kettlebells followed by push ups on the kettlebells - did this 4 times... what a way to get the body warm and heart rate elevated... we then went onto front bar squats, behind squats and sumo squats with 20kg bar and then he added weight... 4 times through... 10 reps...   then onto full body pull ups with the band... with squats in between, 4 sets...then to finish some kettlebell two arm swings, followed by one arm swings and then some swing/rows... I was literally was feeling sick (gorgeous protein/oat muffins I made last night, and wrapped in glad wrap had ants all through it by this morning.. gross).  So banana and gatorade only fuel and not enough.

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