Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training this morning was awesome

Really enjoying my PT sessions with Paul - he mixed things up this morning and started me on woodchopper moves on the cables, with pulldowns in between and single arm rows, then squats with double handle rows... I was loving all the back work and then he got out the band, ready for pull ups... It was a bit daunting at first... that initial fear... will I be able to lift myself, how much can this band hold? Will it snap.... I did 3 sets - the first one about 8, then 7, then 6... mixed in jump ups on the bench and squats with negative counting against the wall with the swiss ball and my newest friend, the kettlebell. Then kettlebell lunges and some turkish get ups to finish........ I was literally dripping with sweat... yeah!! I could of pushed a little harder, but it was still a pretty intense workout :) wonder what he will throw me next week after 4 day easter break>!

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