Friday, March 26, 2010

PMS, feeling fat ....

The downside to eating birthday cake and having thai twice this week is I am feeling very fat, bloated and full.... PMS time - blergh.  Makes me feel like a big oger!  My programme is out of whack and I had to move my PT session due to hayfever knocking me around earlier in the week. 

BUT saying that I have managed to do 4 cardio classes and a PT session this week (plus one swim)! So not too bad... just the nutrition and sleep....

Training session with Paul this morning was intense... I can feel that I am progressing and he is very impressed with my technique... did squats, front squats, cleans with bar (30kg) and then clean press with just bar (20kg)... I soo wanted to do it with the 30kg bar.... deadlifts 40kgs with some split jump lunges mixed in & then kettlebell single arm cleans, and then double kettle bell cleans... woah... woah...... then did some core work... full sit up reaches, then full sit ups with negative returns.... oucha magoucha.

Told Paul about my challenge - he is keen to help, asked if our training is going great - and I said totally, full body challenges really throw me every week, keeping the training one step ahead of my body.  I am looking forward to doing two sessions a week with him in May to really increase my strength.

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