Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back on the 8 ball...

Nothing like the Fitness Expo/Filex to get the motivation back up and running.  After the triathlon I had a bit of a lull where I just didn't feel motivated or excited about training - I felt that I was going through the motions and of course the emotions, which caused emotional eating... got to love being a woman right?!?  I was self doubting myself and my abilities.. why is it when we are down we give ourselves a good kicking?  Well no more of that.

So feeling back in control and motivated I have kick started the training again, I was still training but only 1 -2 weights and cardio a week.... with not 100% nutrition.  It was the strangest feeling.

Have finished working part time as a trainer at Fernwood, have been there for 2 years, part time, with a full time job, bootcamp, my training and 1:1 clients... madness, no wonder I got burnt out and had no time to implement a training rotuine and nutrition plan that actually would suit my timetable and me.

I am 100% focused and movtivated to train hard and get the results I want.. which might mean I don't attend the same classes as friends for a bit as I want to do HIIT.... all I can say is thank god for my Tuesday PT session with Paul and my Thursday morning session with my great friend Sera... they both motivate me and keep me on track.  Ok, Thursday's tend to be followed by a great breakfast at Peaberry's where we have great coffee and eggs on toast. Delicious.

So onwards and upwards... progress pictures to come in 4 weeks time.

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